Distance Selling Contract


a) “Site” Web site with the domain http://www.sepetland.com

b) “Contract” in the Remote Sales Contract

c) “Buyer” persons who approve this contract and sign up for the website and may wish to purchase the works listed on this website

d) The “Seller” Company is the company / person who has the right to list the work on the website for the purpose of sale and to transfer the material rights of the work by approving this agreement.

e) “Business” These are products that are the result of labor and offered for sale on the website.

f) “Parties” means the buyer and seller altogether.


The subject of this Agreement is to determine the mutual rights and obligations of the Parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Consumer Protection and the Regulation on Distance Selling Agreements and all other applicable regulations and practices related to sales. / Purchase and delivery of the works ordered by the BUYER on the electronic medium through the SELLER’s www.sepetland.com website. When the order is placed, the BUYER is deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract.


To be a member of the SITE, you must reach the legal ages; Providing accurate, complete and accurate personal information asked by the SELLER; Not to be suspended or permanently banned by the SELLER and to approve the CONTRACT as a member of the SITE.


4.1. Delivery costs are the responsibility of the BUYER. Delivery costs are covered by the SELLER if the SELLER informs that he / she will cover the delivery costs if he / she makes purchases for a figure above the number set and announced by the SELLER on the Site. The product will be delivered to the Buyer’s address mentioned above. Even if the BUYER is not present at the time of delivery, the SELLER will be accepted because he fulfills his obligations completely and completely. Therefore, any loss and damage caused by late delivery of the Product by the BUYER, delay delivery of the cargo company and / or return of the product to the SELLER will be covered only by the BUYER.

4.2. The delivery of the Product or Products is done as soon as possible upon the availability of the stock and the price in the SELLER account. The SELLER will report the delivery failure within the specified time due to force majeure including extreme adverse weather conditions and transport interruptions.


5.1. The BUYER examines the WORK covered under the Contract before delivery, before taking delivery of any Product with caries, broken and torn packaging and similar damage and defects. The BUYER accepts, declares and undertakes that the Product taken over from the courier is delivered in a complete, undamaged and intact condition.

5.2. The BUYER agrees and undertakes to fulfill the obligations imposed on the contract, except for force majeure.

5.3. The BUYER may not transfer this contract or its rights and obligations under this contract to third parties in whole or in part without the written permission of the SITE.

5.4. The BUYER agrees and undertakes not to damage the product and its packaging in any request to return the product it received and to return the original invoice and delivery note during the return.

5.5. The BUYER agrees and undertakes that the information provided by him on the SITE is correct and legal. The BUYER is responsible for damages caused by incorrect or incorrect information.

5.6. The BUYER must comply with the payment system offered by the SELLER during the trading process of the WORKS offered on the SITE. Membership of the BUYER, which does not comply with the payment system provided, may be terminated unilaterally without notice by the SELLER.

5.7. BUYERS accept and undertake that the SELLER will not be subject to any request due to the fact that SITEN is temporarily or permanently inoperable.

5.8. In the event that it exhibits malicious or illegal behavior in connection with the services offered on the SITE, the membership of the BUYER may be canceled temporarily or completely, without notice, at the discretion of the SELLER.

5.9. BUYER is obliged to sign the order invoice to check the products / products delivered to him and to indicate the complete delivery of the product / products in case of delivery. Orders received on the order invoice signed by the BUYER mean that they are fully delivered by the SELLER. In this case, the BUYER does not have the right to appeal.

5:10. If the works sent by the SELLER on the SITE for SALE are not delivered within the time specified by the SELLER, the BUYER must inform the address of www.sepetland.com via e-mail.

5:11. In payments made with a credit card, the SITE may ask the BUYER to verify the credit card, if necessary. The BUYER is obliged to provide all documents required by the SITE for credit card security.


6.1. The SELLER is responsible for the complete, complete and robust delivery of the Products, together with the specifications specified in the order and the warranty certificate and product manuals, if any.

6.2. SELLER fulfills its responsibility within the specified time from the moment the BUYER order is received. If the SELLER does not work within this period, the consumer may terminate the contract.

6.3. The SELLER is responsible for the complete, complete and robust delivery of the Products, together with the specifications specified in the order and the warranty certificate and product manuals, if any.

6.4. The SELLER cannot be held responsible if the contract item is to be delivered to a person other than the BUYER and the delivery company / agency does not accept the delivery.

6.5. In the event that the SELLER cannot fulfill its obligations under the Contract because it is not possible to deliver the ordered Product or Products to the Customer, the SELLER shall inform the Customer before the end of the contractual performance obligation. and can provide the customer with a different product at the same quality and price.

In this case, the Customer may use one of the options to postpone the delivery time limit until the order is canceled, the Product is replaced with equivalent products and / or the preventative condition is removed. In the event that the customer cancels the order, the amount paid and the documents (if any) are returned (within 15 days).


The type, amount, color and sales price (including all taxes) of İŞ are as stated on the invoice, which is declared as an integral part of this contract, on the information page of İŞ on the website www.sepetland.com .


Cash price of the product is included in the invoice. Term price of the product is included in the invoice.


9.1 The BUYER agrees, declares and undertakes that he is aware of the basic qualities, sales price, payment methods and delivery conditions of the JOB subject to this CONTRACT and by reading all relevant prior information and confirming these preliminary information electronically.

9.2 For the submission of this CONTRACT JOB, the CONTRACT must be confirmed electronically and the order subject to the CONTRACT must be paid. If the value of the product is not paid in the bank records for any reason or the payment is canceled, it is accepted that the SELLER has been relieved from the obligation to deliver the product.

9.3 Being a member of the site is free for BUYERS.

9.4 The inventory of original works exhibited for sale on SITE is naturally not available because the work is “unique”. In the event that the work on this site is purchased by a third party from the galleries or the owner of the work, before or at least simultaneously on this SITE, the amount paid will be returned to the BUYER as its delivery. work becomes impossible. The BUYER does not irrevocably accept and undertake any indemnity, interest or similar claim due to the cancellation of the SELLER’s sale.

9.5 WORKS exhibited and purchased on the SITE may not be copied, reproduced or printed on posters without the written consent of the rights holders; It cannot be used as a photographic or printed material and cannot be changed.


Lawsuits that do not exist or are not foreseen at the time of signing the contract and which make it impossible for the parties to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities partially or completely are considered as force majeure (Natural disaster, war, terrorism, uprising, legislative provisions, seizure or Significant defect in strike, lockout, production and communication facilities…) A party exposed to force majeure notifies the other party immediately and in writing. The parties will not have responsibilities arising from the failure to carry out their actions in the continuation of the force majeure. If the force majeure continues for 15 (fifteen) days, each party has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.


11.1 In order for the BUYER to benefit from the right of withdrawal; the sale must be based on a sales contract covered by the Law on Consumer Protection; Returns will be made within seven (7) days of delivery without opening, breaking, tearing and / or using the product (withdrawal has been increased to 14 days in accordance with the new law No. 6502 on the protection of consumer 48/4. The law will enter into force on 07.05.2014)

11.2 Refund requests will not be accepted if the labels on the box of the product are torn, vacuum or gelatinous packaging is opened by the importer or manufacturer and the SELLER’s ability to offer the product is lost. The BUYER is obliged to return the product in the condition it received.

11.3 The product price is returned to the BUYER within 15 days of receiving notification of the right of withdrawal and the return will be accepted within 21 days. If the original invoice is not sent, VAT and other legal obligations, if any, cannot be returned to the BUYER.

11.4 If the item to be returned is defective, the shipping cost will be borne by the SELLER.

11.5 The BUYER agrees that he / she will not be entitled to a refund if the product is damaged.

11.6 The right of withdrawal does not apply to goods explicitly prepared in line with the buyer’s wishes and / or personal needs.

Consequences of Using the Right of Withdrawal

In case the consumer exercises his right of withdrawal, the seller or the provider is obliged to return the remaining amount with all the documents owed within fourteen business days, after deducting the shipping cost from the total amount paid by the customer.

The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised if the value of the received goods cannot be returned or if for any reason it cannot be returned


12.1 Only you can access all the information you provided while signing up by logging in with your e-mail address and password. You can change your information in the “My subscription information” section.

12.2 Your personal contact information (name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail, etc.) is never shared with third parties. News, announcements, innovations, discounts, campaigns and promotions will be sent to your e-mail address upon your request and approval.

12.3 When ordering with a credit card; the system automatically applies to the bank your card is connected to. Your credit card information is not stored on the SITE site. Since your credit card information is not stored on the SITE, it is not possible to see and capture the information by third parties.


If the BUYER does not make any payments regarding the transactions made with the credit card, he will pay the interest amount and will be liable to the bank in accordance with the credit card agreement signed between the bank and the bank. In any case, the Bank may use legal remedies in force; Requesting reimbursement of any legal costs and attorney fees from the BUYER and the BUYER agrees to pay any damages and losses incurred by the SELLER due to the delayed fulfillment of the debt by the BUYER.


In case of dispute arising from this contract, ANTALYA Central Courts and Enforcement offices were previously authorized. Even in disputes related to this provision, the same courts are authorized.


Since the BUYER continues to place an order on the SITE and approves the purchase, it will be assumed that he has accepted all the terms of this CONTRACT, consisting of a total of 15 (fifteen) items.

As a member or by purchasing a product, you agree that you have fully read the membership agreement and fully understand the content of the agreement and agree to all its terms.