Goods And Services Selection (Add to Cart)

To reach the product you want on, you can search by typing a keyword or browse the product options by going from the main category to the relevant sub-category. You can add the selected product to your shopping cart by clicking the “Add to Cart” button on the product page.

• Entering Payment Information (Purchase)

To proceed to the payment stage, press the Continue button after selecting the products you will add to your cart. Enter the address you want your order and invoice to be sent to, or choose one of your registered addresses. If you wish, you can change your address information in the My Information > Delivery Address field on your My Account page before your product is shipped. Complete your purchase after entering your credit card information. You can make your payment by debit card, credit card, eft or money order. A payment confirmation email will be sent to you after the purchase is complete. Then, you will be informed by e-mail at the stages of the confirmation of your order, the delivery of your order to the cargo and the completion of your shopping, respectively.

• Use your points and coupons in the “Extra Discounts” field on the order screen that opens after clicking the ADD TO CART button.

• Select the address you want your order and invoice to be sent to or define a new address in the system.

• Make your payment by choosing one of the credit card, debit card or money order payment options.

• Guest User: It is an alternative ordering channel for users who do not want to become a member. In addition, members can shop as guest users if they forget their membership information or want to shop without entering their information. You cannot see other orders you place as a guest user on your My Account page. For every order you place without being a member, an order link will be sent to your e-mail address. By clicking this link, you can track your order and perform your cancellation/return/change transactions.

Delivery Information

After the payment is received on, the store delivers the product to the cargo within the specified delivery time and enters the cargo information into the system. Shipping information is sent to your e-mail address.